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TAN EAN CHIEW & SONS INDUSTRIES SDN.BHD founded in 1974. Founder by Mr.Tan Ean Chiew, adhering to the Chinese ethnic group grams grams seized, the spirit of hard work. But also insisted on standby to sell more goods, the principle of thin profits, selling off today, identification of towns cities in Malaysia, known major outstanding hardware and building materials wholesalers.

 Mr.Tan Ean Chiew, founder of the company relative to began to use only traditional family production of common broom, ink, dishes and other household goods to sell goods off the streets. Virtually on the identified foundation today. Growing business improvement, talk to local wholesalers to purchase a number of household products, and to manufacture diesel oil, paint, small oil migration that cities of Malaysia counties. A dime to accumulate wealth, can be said to fight for every penny came with sweat.

 Mr.Tan Ean Chiew relative to death, the business has been transferred to the second generation took over the business, since an early age with his father to learn to do business of doing business has already surpass the master. Steel has been successfully transition metal wholesalers, and industrial areas in Rawang Selangor has a ten seedlings of industrial Britain, and has built a large factory, we use China, Germany to introduce advanced technology to produce high-tech machines and high-density polyethylene plastic water pipes.The Company now is over 150 Staff in Salas Marketing,Finance ,Admin, Maintanance,Engineer,Quality Control and Genaral Worker.

And has been in Malaysia SIRIM MS1058:2005 and the ISO 9002:2008 brand recognition, selling products throughout Malaysia. Overseas markets include East Malaysia ,Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei,UAE and other Southeast Asian countries. In the future, our products will go to Europe and the United States, the company products to the world-class brands.

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